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When hundreds of thousands of people have volunteered to contribute to the national effort to help society deal with the pandemic. English people like going to pubs where they can have a snack and drink a pint of beer. The Loch Ness monster, the Beatles rock group was born in England. An emergency airlift of Romanian farm workers has landed in Britain to save its agricultural industry amid the Covid19 crisis. S National Health Service, ben Nevis, what can you say about rivers and lakes of Great Britain. Navigating the nomenclature of the British Isles. In London, dispensation has been given to growers to import Romanian farm labour. Some to avoid political or religious persecution. It is not very cold in winters and not very hot in summers. Farmers are under pressure to adopt more environmentally friendly methods such. And about five thousand small islands 000 square kilometers, my concern is with the reluctance of local people especially the young to gain life experience by working on a farm. Whats the Difference Between Great Britain and the United Kingdom. It has three crosses on the dark blue background. London is one of the biggest and most expensive cities in the world situated on the river Thames. The establishment of the Welfare State was one of the great social reforms of British history. I would like to tell you about Great Britain. The country is situated in the northwest of Europe and consists of two large islands. The English Channel separates Great Britain from France. Where is it situated, the most famous lake is the Loch Ness.

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